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ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition)

ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition)

ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition) design various types of ID cards including Employee ID Cards, Student ID cards, Visitors ID cards, Gate Pass for visitors and many more.

Software provides quick way to design id cards using pre-defined templates along with photo added feature. Software design list of ID cards using Batch Processing Series feature with different barcode value and text. Software is also having ideal mode for designing ID cards for group of people simultaneously.

ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition)

Choose any module for designing ID Card as we have selected "Design using pre-defined templates" for demonstration purpose.

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Software Features:

  • E-mail Setting: Software provides E-mail setting option to send designed ID card to the specified email address.
  • Batch Processing Series: Software can design multiple ID cards along with different barcode value and text.
  • Printing Settings: Option to print designed ID cards using advanced print settings with support to all major types of printers.
  • Browse Data From Excel File: Software provides ideal mode "Live Group and Batch Processing Mode" for ID card Designing of group of people using Excel Data File.
  • Image Cropping Tool: To crop a single image or multiple images for your ID Card.
  • Export designed ID Card: You can export your designed ID card As Image, As Template and As PDF file format.
  • Camera Setting: Software is inbuilt with 'Camera' to take photo for your ID card.